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Green LED Fishing Light

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6 Sided - 24" - 12v - 84 Watt Powerhouse

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  • Fish Catching Workhorse: Light brings in bait that bring in big fish.
  • Simple To Use: Just place in the water and start fishing 
  • Powerful: 12v  | 7.5a | 85 watts | 30,000 effective lumens  (brightness)

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Just imagine if you had that ability to do this with Night Fishing?

How would that instantly change your fishing experience for the better?

Unfortunately, Night Fishing isn't as easy as using Fish Socking... but it is pretty easy

Never heard of night fishing... Me too until I met this gentlemen who showed me night fishing. 

Since them friends were BEGGING me to show them how I  brought home my limit . . . before they hit the water

When i did they were in awe... just like you will be. 

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Isn't It Time?
Enjoy More Fishing Time

The LDO10 & LDO20 Are Premium Grade LED Fishing Lights.

The LDO10 is 12" and the LDO20 is 24"

Night fishing for Crappie under fishing light
crappie under light
Trout at night
Snook chasing fish
icefishing with green led fishing light
Crappies On The Bite


Green LED Fishing Light
  • Easy To Use: Everything to need to start night fishing is included.
  • Dependable: Solid construction and built to withstand the marine environment
  • Unmatched Performance: Brighter than an outdoor flood light with LEDs to save your battery.
  • Unique: 6 sided design delivers better light in water bringing in fish quicker
  • Fast Results: It only take about 30 minutes to draw in the big fish.


night fishing for crappies
  • Green Glow: 12v - 84 watt  - 24" LED light produces over 30,000 lumens of light ( a flood light puts out ~2540 lumens)
  • Rugged: Commercial grade parts - aluminum supports - ready to take the abuse of a marine environment 
  • Quality: Tested in a pressure chamber to ensure no leaks to 33 feet
  • Flexible: 24 feet of marine grade cable
  • Ready For You: Fresh, Salt, Summer or Winter. You provide the neight well help bring in the fish!


catching salmon at night
  • Easy Setup: Set the up below your boat or dock or use the mounts on the light to install on your front for gigging.
  • What Can I Catch:Any fish that roam at night! Here is what we have caught to date....
  • Walleye - Trout - Salmon
  • Snook - Squid - Sea Trout
  • Crappie - Perch - Bass
  • Northern Pike - Stripped Bass - Blue Gill
  • Catfish - Red Fish - Burbout
How Night Fishing Works

How does this work?

  • Light:The bright light starts the food chain by drawing in plankton.
  • Plankton: The mass of plankton draw in food for bait fish
  • Bait Fish: Swarm the area to feast on their favorite food source
  • Gamefish: Lurk just in the shadows eating the small bait fish
  • Feeding Frenzy: It only take about 30 minutes to draw in the big fish.

Rob Jones - It really works good -10/08/18

Went to the Colorado river a month ago and was laughing to the wife about the light... put out a great spread but to attract fish? I laughed. Nearly jumped out of my chair which was only in the water about a foot when an 18 plus inch small mouth bass swam up to my feet then over to the light. I was blown away.. then I went out to my boat which was about 15 feet of shore and there was around 25 small bait fish of serval different type of fish. Normally don’t fish when I go to the river but I’m thinking next year... I’m bringing my poles!

David Fredricks -brought in the smaller critters great, next thing was the baitfish swarm-07/08/19

Works perfectly.
Took it crappie fishing this past Saturday night....brought in the smaller critters great, next thing was the baitfish swarm, then the crappies.Did great for a 95-degree day, during a heat wave in July, water temps 86 degrees.....caught a ton of BIG crappie working steepest parts of humps in deep lake. Lights brought marked crappie up from depths of close to 60 ft to 10-15 fow....Will buy again when I need another one.

KB -Nice light for Crappie fishing or to attract shad.-06/14/19

Love this light, very bright and being it's LED very little battery drain. I love to Crappie fish and being I'm in Arizona I like to fish for them at night when it's a little cooler during the summer. It's great to get the shad to come to the light and then the Crappie move in for the shad. I wish I could get this in white as well.

Brad -Bright Green.-01/17/19

Very bright can see right to bottom of water as long as clear . Can watch the bait fish come up. Had a nice lake trout and pike smimming around after about an hr

Tom Young -  Unexpectedly Impressive!!!.-05/26/19

Unbelievable! Never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Bought it fully expecting it to be a disappointment. Put it in the water next to my pier and joked with my family about this year's waste of money gadget. Within 30 minutes I had a huge school of crappie circling the light. Absolutely crazy!

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Different Ways To Fish With LED Fishing Light

We can go on with information but trust me try it out and you will be amazed.

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You have a 30 day trial and a 1 year warranty

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So what are the 4 states this is banned in?

Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota!

Why because it is like shining a deer... Walleyes cant stay away from the light