fun fishng in Maine and Texas

Family Fishing Fun From Texas To Maine

Do you want to go out and have a great day with the family and kids catching some awesome eating fish?

Well, it should be the crappie. See the CRAPPIE also called Calico or a hundred other names throughout the country. They are one of the most popular fish across America and across North America extending into Canada. 

It is a fun day out with the family. Catching a bunch of crappies… a good eating slab size crappies are fantastic way to spend a day. Cuppies bite well and put up respectable fights. That’s fun. Black Crappie fishing is also a great way to introduce your kids and spend some great time outdoors Croppies are biters and if you find them you can generally catch a mess of them where there’s one there’s a dozen. 

Each year young and old alike take buckets of crappies through ice in the winter through the shade in the spring in the shallows and in the depths during the hot summer days. Calico bass may be a bit of a mystery to some folks, but they’re still catchable once they’re habits are understood. 

All this and the fact that crappies can be caught by using a wide variety of simple techniques and everything from a Pole to a custom thousand dollar rod and reel you can have the makings of a great time out with the family. You also can fill the freezer with some great eats which is important during this pandemic. 

So whether you soak a minnow from the bank, cast ultralight jigs or use sophisticated boats electronics like side scanning sonar you can get into the action. 

The essence of white crappie fishing is understanding the habitat and that’s what this is all about. Crappies are catchable all season long if you know how.

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