Crappie Fishing With A Fly Rod

Why Go Crappie Fishing?

Crappie has been called the everyone’s fish and indeed it’s exactly that! A fish that is catchable by anyone from a bank fisherman using a cane pole to a fishermen in a boat or  anywhere in between. It doesn’t matter if you have a $2,000 boat $100,000 boat or fishing from shore.

Yes many fish like the rainbow trout are more beautiful, muskies are larger, bass are more acrobatic yet every pond pit lake river stream reservoir across america swims the crappie which wins the popularity contest hands down. Wherever you live across America from the timber fields sprawling impoundments of Texas to the stark sharp rock banks of the northern borders crappie fishermen are a cult upon themselves with legions and legions of followers.

These spec followers tie their boats to shallow brush or anchor in deep water or line banks waiting for the school of slab crappies to come swimming by with anticipation. 

Why all this attention and devotion for white crappies and black crappies? 

Well for anyone who has had the great satisfaction of getting into the game the answer is simple, they’re just plain fun! Yes big crappies are fun to catch and they’re also no slouch when it comes to fighting especially on lite tackle… heck anything frome cane polls to custom graphite rods they are heck of a fun and of course the reputation is great table food is legend nothing better, it’s nice.

Crappie fishing from kayaks and float tubes has taken off in the last few year and makes it simple for you to get on to the water to catch these specs. While many use hooks and slip bobbers a whole side group has spun up to catch crappies with a fly rod. This ads a whole new level of excitement. Remember regardless if it is sunny and 90 or you are ice fishing crappie can be found and are ready to bite.

Best Fishing Locations For Crappies

New fishing systems have all helped put together the pieces of crappie puzzle. Spec fishing is more than just soaking a minnow and waiting or just throwing tiny jigs or just structure fishing for crappies for example, we know that predictable crappie movements occur in lakes and we determine the crappies may use timber, they may use rocks, they may use humps yet, they may avoid other cover especially on water clarity and,temperature.

We are now aware of the complex predator prey relationship that affects not only the health of crappie fisheries, but also the official location how the fish react to particular bodies of water, we have cracked their seasonal code for how crappies will most likely respond in the spring summer fall and winter and we definitely know how and what they’ll react to differently in lakes rivers pits and reservoirs all these new facets and dimensions indeed formally missing dimensions to catching big fish..

About the Author Nik Rowe